Monthly Writers

To write for Rejoice Essential Magazine, you must submit your article by the 21st of every month so we can have time to edit and proofread it. You can submit a stock image along with your article if you like, if not then I will choose one.

Our new issue is released on the 1st of the month. You can submit a one time issue or become a monthly contributor. If you write monthly, you will be placed on a 90 day probation period. You will have to pay for ad space during the probational period.

During the probation period, you are expecting you to be a team player. Share the publication on your networks several times monthly. Follow us on Rejoice Essential Magazine on Facebook.

Be consistent and submit an article monthly by the deadline.

After the 90 probation, your photo goes to the front of the magazine in the contributor section. You can submit up to 3 ads of your books, products, events, businesses, etc. All Advertisement is free to the contributors.

Onetime Submission

We receive prophetic words or hot topics. If you have any ideas for submission, please contact us at