Our mission is to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Nations. This is an international magazine to bring glory to God across the nations. We love to see the kingdom of God advancing on earth. We feature Ministers of the Gospel from all over the nations that love spreading the message of Jesus. Our magazine is unique because we feature fashion, recipes, encouragement, and books.


Kimberly Moses founded Rejoice Essential Magazine in 2015. One day during worship, the Lord showed her a magazine in the spirit realm. She was shocked because she had no training in editing, designing, or the necessary skill sets in creating a magazine. She said, “Lord, I know you donā€™t want me to do a magazine.” She brushed off the vision. A week later, a prophet came to Kimberly and spoke, “God said you have to do a magazine.” She knew that she had to step out in faith. She had already had an anointing oil business, “Rejoice Essential Oils,” so she named the magazine after it. Therefore, “Rejoice Essential Magazine,” was birthed.

Kimberly uses this magazine to give other ministers and anyone with a compelling story an opportunity to reach an international audience. Kimberly is a sought-after prophetic voice and has authored over nineteen books. She ministers at various churches, conferences, and community events. Kimberly is a mentor to many women from all walks of life. She is passionate about prayer and transforming lives for the Glory of Jesus Christ. In 2017, “Rejoice Essential Publishing,” was added to the ā€˜Rejoice Essentialā€™ brand. Kimberly is happily married to Tron, and they have two beautiful children.


I was honored to be featured in this dynamic publication–Apostle DemontaeĀ Edmonds

I’m honored to be on the cover and feature an article in this month’s Rejoice Essential Magazine. I want to thank the visionary and CEO Prophetess Kimberly Moses who is a great vessel in the body of Christ and her husband Tron Moses who is a great Man of God and mover and shaker in the kingdom. They are a great kingdom couple doing amazing things in the body of Christ in this hour. Please subscribe to the Rejoice Essential Magazine.–Prophet Dion Nesmith

Rejoice Essential Magazine is one of the professionalist magazines on the market that I have ever seen. I love the content and the layout. —Pastor Tommie Norman

I love reading Rejoice Essential Magazine. I look forward to the new issue on the first of every month.–Lindsey Morales

Rejoice Essential Magazine displays the love of God by lifting up other ministries that are unique and different in many ways. No matter what the call of God is for your life, this magazine shows the love of God. The staff have shown much love by wanting to display other ministries with the intentions thatā€ We are many members, but one body.Ā  Prophetess Kimberly Moses really has a heart for Jesus and for Godā€™s people. Anstrice Mcmillian Epps

First I want to take the time to thank God and Prophetess Kimberly Moses for allowing me the opportunity to be a piece of the puzzle for Rejoice Essential Magazine. There is a big and greater picture for edifying the Kingdom. This opportunity has not only allowed me to expand in territory and kingdom network, it has also allowed me to gain exposure and experience of reaching out beyond my State and City limits in discipleship. Diversity helps brings about change and Prophetess Kimberly MosesĀ  Magazine is a great pillar for the kingdom. Ever since I have been published in the magazine. A few people have connected with me and was able to have a new and improved energy about themselves to not give up. –Alexander Young

Rejoice Essential Magazine is an annointed magazine that caters to all people. It has fashion, recepies, and powerful interviews with mighty men and women of God. This magazine was birthed through Prophetess Kimberly Moses during her wilderness season. Now she and her husband and a power team! It is full of annointed articles that will bless you. Many authors have a chance to display their writing skills. There is one article that stood out to me that was written on sexual sin. As I read it,Ā  my eyes were opened. The author was very transparent concerning her journey. This magazine has blessed many all over the world. The gospel is being spread through this might work! I am grateful to have had a chance to be featured in the magazine sharing my favorite prophet and having an interview about my chapter in the book It Cost Me Everything. I recommend this magazine to anyone who desires to learn more of God’s word and bring people in relationship with Jesus. It is done in excellence. –Yolanda Samuels