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Wrong Relationships

By March 11, 2019 No Comments

We all have been around people who are not good for us. We know they are not good for us. I went through my wild period, trying to go back, and make up for lost time. It did me no good. How can we be around someone who goes against everything we know to be right? I will tell you why, it is because we are being drawn away because of rebellion and our own lusts. James 1:14 says, “But every man is tempted and drawn away by his own lust, and enticed.” Some things in us attract what it inside that person.

Another area we compromise in are romantic relationships. All signs point to no, yet we still hold on, hoping things will change. I know of one young lady, who has a disease. She had this boyfriend who did nothing but stress her out, which caused this sickness to get worse. Because they had children together, and had history, it was hard for her to let him go. She would confide in me, and tell me all the drama he put her through. She loved him too much to let him go. I think they are still together. Trips to the emergency room, and her health didn’t matter. The soul tie was real. The ultimate decision is theirs. They already see it for what it is, yet continue to complain to anyone who will listen.

I have been there, when you want to hold on. You would rather be with that person than have them move on. It is like, we can’t  see past them into our future. We see none without them. I met three guys I thought were going to be my husband before the real man came along. Each one was different, but I thought it would work.  What they all had in common is they were not in right standing with God. How could that work between us? They all said what I wanted to hear, but their conversation spoke louder. None of them saw me spiritually for who I am. Physical was all they saw. If you claim to be saved, we can’t  think it would work. I am talking about dating in hopes of marriage or just dating. (2Cor 6:14).

Once I got out of those relationships, I saw it for what it was. I was blind, and tried to gloss over what I saw as red flags. One thing I love about God is,  he never let me stay in a wrong relationship long. When he told me to cut it off, I didn’t need angel visitations and a three prophetic visions to do it. God has told us to cut certain people off, yet we make excuses to gratify our flesh. We care more about them  than being disobedient to God. But, in the long run  I would have been hurt, I made a mistake. They were not bad guys, just not right for me.

I had to cut off friendships that were not working. It was so painful, I was close to this person like a sister. Twenty plus years of friendship, gone. Everyone saw what I couldn’t  see. Then an incident happened, and I saw how they really felt about me. I read somewhere, and it is true, if you want to know who your friends are, get married or start a business. Trust me, it will be evident how much they really love you. This is why our trust and hope has to be in Jesus alone! (Psalm 9:10)

Are you caught in a wrong relationship? Are you too afraid to end it? Do you cry more than you smile? Do everyone around you tell you to let it go? It is up to you. Happiness or Drama. Life is too short to waste time.Especially if you desire marriage and you are wasting time with a counterfeit. Ask God to help you make wise decisions about who belongs in your life. Some have seasons. Seasons don’t last forever.

Father in Jesus name, I ask that you help me to see who is good for me, and who is not. I know being around this person is pulling me backwards, I find it hard to let it go. Proverbs 18:24 says, “A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” Regardless of who I let go of you will never leave me. Forgive me for putting this relationship over being obedient to you. You know what it best for me. I thank you for giving me the strength to move forward. In Jesus name, Amen.

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