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Whose Report?

By March 11, 2019 No Comments

There are times things go left in our lives, and we tend to believe what we see. I have had many occasions in my life, where the report of the enemy seemed to speak louder than what God was saying. We can’t be led by our five senses. We must me led by the spirit of God. Romans 8:14 says, “Those who are led of the spirit of God, are the sons of God.” If we are led by any other spirit, we are in error. Is it easy to get caught up in what we see? Yes. I have done it more times than I care to admit.

Let’s look at an example in the word about this. God told Moses to spy out the promise land. He sent 12 spies to check it out before they entered in. All but Caleb, and Joshua returned with a bad report. The other 10 didn’t see any hope. The enemy was so powerful, and in their eyes they didn’t stand a chance. It seems as if their eyes were upon the situation instead of God. Did they forget that soon how he delivered them from Pharaoh’s army? He parted the Red Sea!!Looks like they did. How soon we forget what  he has previously done on our behalf. Is he not the same all knowing, all powerful God?

I have been in difficult situations that looked hopeless to every around me. I agreed initially. Sometimes the enemy can come in like a flood. A flood is quick, and it overtakes you. It gives you no time to prepare or think. In a flood, you have to act fast, or you will drown. This is how bad news can be. Even though the enemy can come in, like a flood, God raises a standard against him. (Isaiah 59:19) A standard is something that is used to make judgements. His word is that standard.

Even in those times, we feel pressured to decide in that moment. That is not wise. Situations change constantly. We must not be too hasty to make a decision. Once we do, we can’t undo it. I have learned, regardless of the pressure, to wait on God. Psalm 27:14 says, ” Wait on the Lord; and be of good courage, and he will strengthen thine heart, wait I say o  the Lord.  As you see, it is repeated twice, wait on the Lord. To wait on him, is to seek his direction for the situation.  He can see the outcome, while others only see the mess. What does it  mean to wait? To stay in place until it is your turn.

When I did make a decision, based on the bad report, the Lord rebuked me. Like the 10 spies, I didn’t consider God. It was all about me, and I had to repent. I looked at it from my perspective, because I couldn’t  fix it. I never asked God what his will was. Afterwards, I repented to him, and took my hands off, and waited for him to speak to me. I am glad I did. Was it easy? No!! I see now what he was doing.

In this hour, men and women of God, we can’t  afford to believe the evil report. The enemy is constantly looking for an opportunity to lead us astray. We have to be vigilant, and sober. (1 Peter 5:8.) Shut out the outside voices,  and seek His voice. Have you felt pressured to make a major decision? Did you recently receive an evil report from the doctor or someone around you? Do you see yourself as a grasshopper? Ask the Lord to give you his perspective on your situation.

Father, in the name of Jesus  I will admit, I have the vision of the 10 spies. This situation does look impossible in my eyes. Matthew 19:26 says, “With men this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible.” I repent, for believing the evil report. You Can do anything! You have showed up so many times in my life. Help me to wait on you, and seek your will for my life. I do not want to do what is right in my own eyes, or be led of a strange voice. I know those around me mean  well, but I choose not to be anxious about anything. (Philippians 4:6) I thank you for revealing this truth to me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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