Are you tired of repeating the same mistakes? You desire to do right but find yourself failing every time. We must be imitators of Christ to conquer challenges. Let’s explore some reasons to overcome these bad habits.

  1. Sin waiting at the door

The devil is roaming around like a lion, ready to devour us any chance he gets. Through Jesus, we can overcome sin and temptation. God warned Cain that sin was creeping at the door of his heart (Genesis 4:7). He didn’t take heed and killed Abel.

  1. Need deliverance

It’s not the will of God for us to be bound. Sometimes deliverance is needed to cast out spirits that may be influencing you. Deliverance is the children’s bread. Jesus died on the cross for our freedom.

  1. Don’t know your worth

Many people settle for less and don’t wait on God’s best. Anything is accepted and they find themselves like a city without walls (Proverbs 25:28). Once we know our worth, our standards will increase. As a result, we can see through a new perspective.

  1. Disconnected From God

When you aren’t in alignment with God, you may be in a backslidden state. You must put the Word in your daily, so you don’t sin against God. When you fall back in love with God, then you don’t want to grieve Him.

  1. Lack of prayer

When your prayer life is dead, sin can rule in your life. You aren’t communicating with God regularly. As a result, you give into temptation often. Prayer helps us not to be led by temptation (Matthew 26:41).

  1. Generational

Some habits we get from our families and we must unlearn them and submit to God to break them. Jesus Christ is the curse breaker. One encounter with Him can change our lives.

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Kimberly Moses started off her ministry as Kimberly Hargraves. She is highly sought after as a prophetic voice, intercessor and prolific author. There is no doubt that she has a global mandate on her life to serve the nations of the world by spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She has a quickly expanding worldwide healing and deliverance ministry. Kimberly Moses wears many hats to fulfill the call God has placed on her life as an entrepreneur over several businesses including her own personal brand Rejoice Essentials which promotes the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She also serves as a life coach and mentor to many women. She is also the loving mother of two wonderful children. She is married to Tron. Kimberly has dedicated her life to the work of ministry and to serve others under the call God has placed over her life. Kimberly currently resides in South Carolina.